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Strategic Planning

The process of reviewing the purposes and resources of the organisation to determine for the longer term:
- what it is we do?
- who we do it for?
- and how we do it best?

These key questions inevitably pose some challenges to organisations and companies as they reflect on mission, value, impact and process in a rapidly changing operational environment.
Challenges are likely to be:
- are we doing the right things?
- are we doing as well as we can?
- are we growing as an organisation?
- do we understand the market opportunity?
- are we ready for the next 5 years?

Drawing on 35 years experience of working in the commercial and third sectors developing business growth and operational strategies Ben Higham Consulting can support your company’s exploration of these issues in a stimulating and focused way. The resulting strategy should be an informed and flexible perspective that will support a confident and effective business planning process.