We are a brass duo from Norwich, UK exploring a range of original and other material as the basis for improvisation.

In December 2016 some things were part of a Triple Bill of exciting and original bands from Norwich that toured the UK, funded by Arts Council England.
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some things perform Dreams by Ben Higham at Ashburton Live on 18/12/2016 as part of The Triple Bill Tour funded by Arts Council England

some things perform To Dudu by Annie Whitehead outside the Vortex Jazz Club, Gillett Square, in Dalston, London on 5th May 2015.

Dreams by Ben Higham performed by some things outside Salthouse Church in Norfolk October 2015





Lullabite by Ben Higham performed by some things in Salthouse Church, Norfolk 0ctober 2015


You are what this day is all about - by Archie Shepp


Hot hut - by Albert Mangelsdorf


Simultaneity - by Ben Higham


The Happenings – by Herbie Nichols


Recent and upcoming performances include:
March 2015 – St. Pauls Sessions, London
September 2015 - ‘Existential Antics’, Norwich
September 2015 - ‘Beyond our Kennel’, London
October 2015 - Servant Jazz Quarters, London

Contact –
Chris – +44 7878 682933
Ben – +44 7703 403922

Ben – player, improviser and composer. I lead Monk Inc (a piano-less quintet playing the music of Thelonious Monk – Propensity on Comuse Records – and The Brass Monkeys (Passion [1] on 33 Records –, and am a member of Arthur, an alto sax/tuba/drums trio influenced by the music of Arthur Blythe and Moxy Garbanzo, an eclectic and eccentric Balkan folk quartet. In 1985 I formed the nine-piece band Parallel, including Paul Rutherford and Courtney Pine. In the late 80’s I was involved in some of John Stevens’ adventurous projects – in particular Fast Colour with Annie Whitehead, Evan Parker, Dudu Pukwana and Pinise Saul. Over the last 30 years I have also been a sometime member of The Ouagadougous, The Mingus Project, Loverly (Life on 33 Records - and the (extended) People Band as well as engaging in spontaneous musical collaborations and the occasional session.

Chris – player, improviser and composer. I perform regularly with the bands
Natural Causes (, Rude 2.0 with the trombonist
Annie Whitehead (, The Brass Monkeys
( and I lead The Moonrise Trio
( I am
particularly interested in experimental collaborations and have recently
performed as an improvising duo with drummer Mark Sanders at St. Pauls
Sessions in London. Other recent gigs include Natural Causes at Manchester Jazz
Festival (August 2015), The Brass Monkeys at Existential Antics in Norwich
(September 2015) and Rude 2.0 at The Vortex in London (September 2015).