Chris Dowding - trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics
Ben Higham - trumpet, flugelhorn, tuba

We are an ‘arresting brass duo’ from Norwich, UK exploring a range of original and other material as the basis for improvisation.

some things have performed around the UK, including as part of the Arts Council-funded Triple Bill Tour, which featured performances in Huddersfield, Ashburton, the Vortex Jazz Club in London and two appearances in Norfolk.

We are also occasional regulars at ClerkenwellARTSlab in London alongside gigs at Norwich-based jazz event Camouflage, and at the Lancaster Jazz Festival fringe.


photo by Lily Labey

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Here is a short tour to launch and promote our most recent album Positive Feedback



some things perform Dreams by Ben Higham at Ashburton Live, Devon


some things perform Lullabite by Ben Higham in Salthouse Church, Norfolk




Ben – performer, improviser and composer. I lead The Brass Monkeys (Passion [1] on 33 Records – which includes Chris on trumpet, Monk Inc (a piano-less quintet playing the music of Thelonious Monk – Propensity on Comuse Records – ) and I am a member of Arthur ( ), an alto sax/tuba/drums trio influenced by the music of Arthur Blythe. In 1985 I formed the nine-piece band Parallel, including Paul Rutherford and Courtney Pine. In the late 80’s I was involved in some of John Stevens’ adventurous projects – in particular Fast Colour with Annie Whitehead, Evan Parker, Dudu Pukwana and Pinise Saul. Over the last 30 years I have been a sometime member of The Ouagadougous, The Mingus Project, Loverly (Life on 33 Records) and the (extended) People Band as well as engaging in spontaneous musical collaborations and the occasional session.

Chris - performer, composer and workshop leader. I perform regularly around the UK with various groups, including Natural Causes (, Rude 2.0 (with the trombonist Annie Whitehead) and with The Brass Monkeys ( I lead the Moonrise Trio, which includes Ben on tuba, and I have been commissioned by Durham Brass Festival and Norfolk and Norwich Festival, the latter for holding hands - an octet I co-lead with Norwich-based saxophonist Rob Milne. I have led workshops with Spitalfields Music, Dartington and more recently with the Norwich-based charity Musical Keys. Recent collaborations have included performances with improviser and writer David Toop, and performances with the duo Sylvia & I with violinist Sylvia Hallett.

Email –
Chris – +44 7878 682933
Ben – +44 7703 403922