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Project and product development

Whether your business is commercial, socially enterprising or charitable, project and product development are time-consuming and resource intensive tasks. However, they are also the lifeblood of a vital and viable business operation.

Product development

The development of new products and services are key to a company’s survival, and never more so than at this time. Making the right decisions about the right products and services is a critical process in order maximise creative effort, increase income and minimise financial risk. Key issues are:

- what is the concept?
- what is the demand?
- what are the development issues?
- what are the sales and production forecasts?
- how do we test the product and the market?
- How do we maximise return?

Project development

As organisations look to grow and diversify in a volatile economic and social climate it is critical that projects not only provide robust solutions to specific challenges (and meet the income and/or funding demands of the resources available) but also that they fit with primary purposes, broader aspirational goals and key operational objectives. So:

- what are we going to do?
- who is going to do it?
- who will benefit?
- what are the impacts?
- how will we know?
- what skills do we need?
- have we already got them?
- how much will it cost?
- who will pay?

Drawing on 35 years experience of working in the commercial and third sectors developing new products and projects Ben Higham Consulting can support your company’s exploration of these issues in a stimulating and focused way. The resulting initiatives and products should fit with the business growth and operational strategies identified in the business plan of the company or organisation.